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Wyoming Knife:

The Wyoming Knife is a great hunting tool.  Held one way you can literally open game
up like a zipper.  Turn it over for skinning, caping, and scalping.  The  combination
blade is made of Swedish surgical steel, that is amazingly sharp. The contoured
frame of the Wyoming Knife is made of lightweight, nearly indestructible polymer.  
The Wyoming Knife comes with either a leather or camo pattern (cordura) belt
sheath.  Both also come with blade covers, and one extra replacement blade. Proudly
made in the U.S.A.

Keeping your knife sharp is a must.  Do it the fast, easy way by just putting a new
blade in.  Additional replacement blades for the Wyoming Knife are available: sold

A word about sheaths - the leather is very nice and more traditional, also more
durable; the cordura is also very tough, lighter and of course in camo pattern which
can be important, especially for archery hunters.  You can't go wrong either way.
Replacement blades come one to a card.   Use caution - these are
extremely sharp.  Blades come with plastic safety cover (red).
Replacement Blade For Wyoming Knife
Wyoming Knife and Camo Case
Wyoming Knife Leather and Leather Case
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"Standard" Wyoming Knife
with camo sheath
"Standard" Wyoming Knife
with leather sheath