The Ultimate In Portable Power
You can harness the sun's energy to recharge your electronic devices.  Its easy with
Brunton's Solarroll 9.  This flexible solar panel can be used to charge cell phones, GPS
units, video camera, or even recharge your vehicle or camp-trailer battery.
Brunton's  drive and desire to pioneer a line of rugged power sources led to the
introduction of the first flexible solar panel, the SolarRoll. Since then, the evolution of this
concept has flourished. Backed by glowing reviews in every major magazine and
newspaper in this country and others, the SolarRoll has officially taken its place as one of
Brunton's most talked about products. The proof, though, is in the remarkable
performance. The waterproof SolarRoll has given sea kayakers the power to photograph
their voyages from the far reaches of the planet. And next spring, it will assist Ed Viesturs in
his final summit, Annapurna, as he polishes off the last peak of Endeavor 8000. Ideal for
powering satellite phones, members of expeditions worldwide pack the SolarRoll in place of
expensive extra batteries that don’t offer much relief in the form of weight. We realize
however, that not everyone is defying the ordinary. Some of us simply need the SolarRoll
for charging our car battery or running our video camera. With this in mind, we’re offering
alternative sizes and outputs this year to accommodate the growing demand for our most
popular solar panel.

Flexible Solar Panels
·        Amorphous solar cells for effective low-light performance
·        Reverse flow protection
·        Tefzel® fluoropolymer construction for extreme durability
·        Waterproof
·        UV transparent
·        Link multiple like-units together for even more output
·        Rolls and stores in convenient storage tube
·        Includes vehicle outlet cable & multi-linking cable
·        One-year warranty
SolarRoll 9
MSRP: $279
·        12"x40" open
·        10.6 oz
·        Max output: 9 watts (15.4 Volts / 600 mA)
·        Ideal for running cell phones and charging digital and video cameras
Brunton Solarroll 9
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