Compact and Versatile LED Light:

This is the handiest light we have ever seen.   It's so compact you won't even know
you are carrying it.  Use it when hunting to light your way down the trail before the sun
comes up.  But lets say you are still gutting out that elk when the sun goes down.  Clip
the light to your hat or jacket pocket, direct the beam with the flexible neck, and both
hands are free to complete the job...and with plenty of light!  The flexible neck allows
you to put the beam
exactly where you need it.   Back at camp the fires out and
darkness is complete, clip this light to almost anything and use it to read by before
turning in.

You won't easily break this light; The LED won't break like a typical "bulb" type light
and it's  constructed of anodized aluminum so it will stand up well to the rigorous of the
hunt.  No need to worry about changing the batteries all the time.  This light comes
with batteries that provide 100 hours of service.  The LED itself is designed to last
1000 hours or more. And when you do need to change them, batteries can be
changed easily and are readily available at several retail stores such as Walmart (light
uses 4 AG13 (A76) Camera batteries).

Although this light throws a respectable beam - actually an amazing beam for its size,
don't expect to use it like a spot light.  It just won't reach out that far.  If you want a light
for that buy something like the mag light.  Sorry we don't offer those on this site

As much as we consider this essential gear when hunting, as you can imagine, it's just
as useful at home.

Torch Length: 23/8"
Flex Neck Length: 33/4"
Beam: White Light
Batteries: Four AG13 or A76 Replacements found at any photo shop, jeweler or Wal-Mart
Note: batteries are included with the cliplight     

Flexible neck lets you put light anywhere you need it ...
LED-Lenser technology means no bulbs to replace and up to 100,000 hours of light from the light
Up to 100 hours of light without a battery change.
Easy on/off micro-switch.
Durable, anodized metal case is shock proof, water-resistant.
Batteries are included.
Lifetime warranty.
LED "Lenser" Clip On Light
Coast LED clip on Light
Want a LED Light/Headlamp That
Throws More Light?

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