Windproof Lighter:

When you need to get a fire going under difficult conditions this is the easy, convenient
way to get it done.  Sort of like starting your fire with a little blowtorch.  The Brunton
uses a  burner fueled by butane and is designed to light in up to 80  mph winds.  
The ability to start a fire can be critical to staying warm enough to survive the night in
winter hunting conditions.

The Helios is ideal for emergency situations. The piezo ignition offers reliance for at
least 30,000 ignitions. You can use Brunton's FuelTool™ to refill your FireLight with
high performance Bruntane™, but can also easily fuel it with lighter fluid available at
stores such as Walmart and most large sporting good outlets.  We recommend use of
a high-quality butane for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Now - a word of advise.  You'll probably find yourself using the Helios to light many
ordinary campfires.  But we also consider this to be an important survival tool.  Getting
a fire going when you need it can save your life.  And this lighter can do that very well,
but you should never put yourself in the position of relying solely on one ignition source.  
We recommend carrying a backup source of ignition.  One example of a good, totally
reliable (and inexpensive) spark-thrower are those of the magnesium/striker type.

Another consideration - all lighters have difficulty at extreme altitude.  This is simply a
function of the ratio of oxygen available at the burner.

But make no mistake, the Helios is a great lighter and a must-have when venturing into
the backcountry for hunting or any outdoor activity.

Don't hit the trail without one!

1.7 oz
Refills with premium butane fuel
Adjustable high-temp flame
Windproof to 80 mph
Reliable for over 30,000 ignitions
Includes detachable wrist lanyard
One-year warranty
Brunton Helios
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