Get That Elk, Deer or Antelope Out:

The Best Lightweight Game Sled Available!

Save Your Back! Protect Your Game From Dirt, Debris and Damage!

  • Don't carry your game on your back

  • Do away with heavy two wheeled carts that tip over,
    stick in the mud, sand and snow

  • Don't be stopped by fallen trees!

  • Drop the cave man style of just dragging your deer
    through the rocks, mud and rough terrain damaging
    the hide, meat and yourself.

A must have for all deer and big game hunters.

It's Compact!... It's Lightweight!... It's Durable!

The "DeadSled" comes complete with 24" x 72" sled
Three tie-down straps with self locking steel buckles.
One 12 foot hunter-orange multi-use tether for         
pulling/dragging by hand or configured as a chest or
waist harness for hands free use.
The Dead Sled can be used to slide equipment, stands
coolers and other gear to your site and then haul out  
your animal with ease and protection.
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