Elk and Deer Calling DVDs:

Let the pros show you exactly how to bring them in.  Instructional videos are the next
best thing to actually being out there.  The experts show and tell you the details of how
to bugle like bulls and  lure them in close with cow talk.  These guys know their stuff
and you can listen and practice until you can create the same sounds.

Mastering The Art
Primos Mastering The Art is a very good guide to calling elk.  This 90 minute DVD
covers all the various techniques for calling elk - sound plates, bite and blow calls,
open reed, estrus cow sounds and of course - mastering bugleing. But its not just
about calling elk; it also describes elk characteristics and their favorite types of
habitat.  And a bonus, it comes with a free single-reed mouth call!
Carlton's Elk Calling 201 DVD
The Complete Elk Caller
Carleton's The Complete Elk Caller takes you through the many varieties of elk
calls from old stand-by diaphragm and mylar-reed calls to revolutionary new
calls like the Squeeze-Me and MacDaddy.  Learn from the man who invented
many of these calls and is one of the most respected authorities on calling elk.  
This DVD has in-depth instruction on:

  • MacDaddy and Miss Mac Daddy

  • Diaphragms and Bugle calls

  • Mylar Reed calls

  • Squeeze-Me Calls

  • Rattling For Elk - plus two complete hunts and footage of wild elk reacting to
    the call
DVD Mastering The Art (Elk Hunting)
DVD Elk Calling 201
The Complete Elk Caller DVD
Primos Mastering The Art DVD
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Elk Calling 201
Carleton Calls Elk Calling 201 offers the tips and tricks of calling pioneer Wayne
Carleton.  Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of high-pitched calls

  • Learning to use today's calls

  • The right call to use and when to use it

  • Review of proven calls and time-tested tactics

  • Wayne's insights on tactics for early season, rut and late season elk calling
The Complete Elk Caller DVD
Primetime Bulls - 4
Wayne Carleton's Primetime Bulls 4 includes footage of use of calls such as
the Macdaddy and Miss Macdaddy.  Hunting action at its best with archery,
black-powder, and rife. Video is 110 minutes long including 15  fair-chase
hunts  filmed in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Utah. DVD format
Prime Time Bulls 4
Mastering The Art - Deer Calling
Learn to Master The Art® of calling deer. This  Primos® video shows you how
to call deer in close. Skills for the novice as well as the experienced deer
hunter are featured. Includes 4 Hunts, 4 Lessons on how to master the fawn
baul, grunt, CAN® and rattling calls. Special Features - Late Season Tactics,
BowHunter's Vest™ and Safety Belt. This vdeo is in DVD Format.
Mastering The Art - Deer Callng
Prime Time Bulls 4
Mastering The Art Deer Calling
Primetime Bulls - 7
Over 21/2 hours of hot elk hunting action!  This DVD features Wayne Carlton's
25 years of elk hunting evolution. Wayne is a pioneer in elk calling and you will
see how the sport has changed due to his influence. As always, Primetime
Bulls® 7 features lots of great elk hunting action from the H.S. Pro Staff.
Wayne shoots a 410" bull elk, his largest ever.
Prime Time Bulls 7
The Gutless Solution
Learn a new concept in the field care of large game animals as you follow Rick
Swedhim and Mike McConnell on a Colorado elk hunt where they harvest a
fine five point bull and demonstrate the “Gutless Method”.  With this method a
lone hunter can reduce an elk to managable pieces by himself and avoid the
messy hassle of gutting.  Also the meat is cooled quicker, leading to a much
lower possibilityof spoilage and a much ligher load to haul out.  This is a great
informative video!
The Gutless Solution
(The) Gutless Solution