Elk Calls:

Well let's face it - an elk call is a personal thing.  It has to be so.  There are many
different types out there and each may be more suitable than the other under a
particular set of circumstances.  Many experienced elk hunters carry and use several
different calls and may use them all on the same hunting outing.  And some calls -
especially bugles - work well for some hunters but not others.  Here are some of our
favorite calls.


We prefer a more compact bugle.  You may sacrifice a little in certain tones but gain
convenience with the smaller size.  And these are very good.  Lots of big bulls have
been brought in with these particular bugles.  Having said that, many hunters prefer a
full size bugle for their deeper tones.  So lets start with a full-size, popular bugle.

Wayne Carlton's Mega Mac Daddy

With incredible versatility, superior sound and complete control, the Mega Mac Daddy
is a premier bugle.  This is a large tube model.  You can reproduce authentic bugles
and nasal cow calls like a pro.  The flexible, rubber membrane allows you to add
inflection... just like the real thing.  Simply press down on the plunger with your finger
to change the tone.  This bugle is great for beginners as well as experienced buglers.
The grunt tube provides booming volume and adds that "throaty" sound to the call.  
This bugle comes with a lanyard, camo cover, and best of all -
An instructional CD!

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Primos Pack Bugle™

The Pack Bugle™ is compact in size, yet is very loud. It produces the high-pitched
bugle of satellite and BIG Bulls™ for challenging the herd bull. You won't find a more
realistic, easy to use, compact bugle.

Compact size, yet loud volume  14 1/2 in long X 1 1/4 in dia with flared end.
Mouthpiece enables you to reproduce bugles and cow calls accurately and easily with
little air pressure
Comes with patented Blue "Snap-On" Reed that is long lasting, giving you perfect
tension and tones every time (Replacement reeds sold separately - see below)
Protective cap also doubles as storage for extra Blue "Snap-On™" Reeds
Mossy Oak® camo cover
Sling lanyard

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Wayne Carleton Li' l Bugle

You've probably heard about or already use a Wayne Carleton bugle.  They are not
this well known for no reason.  This bugle is also very  easy to use.  Now with a new
more comfortable and natural mouth piece design.  It comes with a replaceable
diaphragm reed.  It's compact and has a cloth camo (RealTree) cover with line type
lanyard.  Excellent volume and tone variation in a compact size.

Compact size, loud volume 17 in long X 1 1/2 in dia
Diaphragm reed (Replacement reeds sold separately - see below)
Real Tree camo cover
Line type sling lanyard

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Cow Calls

Hoochie® Mama  

Easily reproduce the sounds of a cow elk. Just push the bellow for perfect cow elk
sounds with that distinctive sliding note. A simple twist of the call lets you switch
between mews, Lost™ cow calls and Estrus™ cow sounds.

Now anyone can reproduce the cow elk's language for that hunt of a lifetime.

The most accurate and consistent cow call you'll ever hear
Fool-proof operation: simply push for perfect cow elk sounds every time
Tunable design produces mews, Lost™ cow calls and Estrus™ cow sounds

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Baby Hoochie

You already know about the overwhelming success of the Hoochie Mama at producing
perfect cow elk calls.  Well, now you can produce perfect calf elk calls with the Baby

Why Calf Calls?... A calf’s call is easy to distinguish from a cow’s.  Cows and calves
call back and forth to each other throughout the year.  Bulls and cows will often come
to a calf’s call to round them up and bring them back into the herd.  A calf’s call is not
intimidating and there is no doubt the Baby Hoochie will bring bulls straight to you that
would not have come otherwise.

Here’s a great tip…  We have repeatedly witnessed big bulls responding to the herd
talk of cows and calves.  When used in combination with the Hoochie Mama you can
create your own herd talk that even the hardest to call bulls will find hard to resist.

Perfect Reproduces the Sliding Note of Cow and Calf Elk
Easy One-Handed Operation

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Sceery ACE-1

Super attractive cow and calf talking sounds.

Fitted with a tough new voice unit and a new tapered reed - it works better than ever
for both volume and pitch control. This super easy-to-use call produces both cow and
calf talking sounds.

Sometimes referred to as the finest elk call ever made - It Is Now Even Better
Tough New Voice Unit
New Tapered Reed
Super Easy To Use
Produces Cow And Calf Talking Sounds

This rugged camo call, developed and patented by Ed Sceery, will produce the super
attractive sounds that quickly fool the most call-wise bulls. You can control the volume
and pitch of this super easy to use call.

Made in United States

Dimensions: Length: 4.50 in   Width: 0.75 in   Height: 0.75 in   Weight: 3.00 oz
Primos Pack Bugle
Primos Hoochie Mama
Sceery ACE-1
Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable
to accept returned calls. Defective calls
should be returned directly to the
Hoochie Mama Cow Call
Sceery Ace - 1 Cow Call
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