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Hand-Held Compass:

It might be low tech.  But no one should be without this basic navigation
instrument.    What if you forgot to bring the extra batteries for the GPS?  What
if you fall and break it?   Its
 great to have a GPS unit but you'd better play it smart
and have a backup.  
Or maybe you just prefer something that is basic and
always ready to function.  The hand held compass is simple, inexpensive and
compact.  It can definitely  help you find your way.

Brunton is well known for the quality of their compasses.  One of the model's
well suited to the hunter's use is the 3DLU "Expedition" Compass.

3DLU "Expedition" Compass

This clear baseplate map compass offers simple navigation functions. A
declination scale is printed on the baseplate along with map and inch scales.
Luminous points make navigating in the dark possible, and a map magnifier is
added convenience when traveling.

Features include:
1.3 oz.
2° graduations
1:62.5k mile & 1:24 USGS scale
Declination scale
Inch & mm scales
Luminous points
Map magnifier
Hand-held Compass (3DLU)
Brunton 3DLU Expedition Compass
15 TDCL Mirrored Map Compass

This is a map compass that features a mirror for enhanced sighting accuracy.  
The 15TDCL is probably the best known compass in the world.  Special
features include luminescent points, a clinometer and allows full adjustment for
declination.  This compass is not world famous for no reason; its a great
compass for all outdoor activities.

Features include:

3 oz
Declination adjustable
2° graduations
Luminous points
Protective cover with sighting mirror
1:24k, 1:25k & 1:50k meter scales
Lanyard with declination tool
Available in degrees
Leather case available (3014)
Lifetime warranty
Hand-held Mirrored
Sighting Compass (15TDCL)
Brunton 15TDCL Mirrored Compass
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