Base Camp will be your home away from home for the duration of your hunt.  A
typical high-country elk hunt will place you in a remote mountainous area for 5-7
days.  This can either be a miserable time or one of the most enjoyable, memorable
experiences ever.  Camp must provide the critical elements of sustenance and
shelter but every hunt becomes a more enjoyable experience when camp is well
thought-out.  There's no reason to simply meet basic needs when todays equipment
can provide a high level of comfort and any needed convenience.
The standard shelter for a base camp is the wall tent.  These large canvas tents are
spacious, mobile and comfortable.  Wall tents come in a variety of sizes and a selection
of materials that provide protection from the elements and designs for heating options
(typically a light-weight wood-burning stove).
Portable Power
As great as it is to be in the wilderness and away from it all, there's no denying the
usefulness if not the very need for electricity - even in remote areas.  No one expects to
watch TV or a movie - As an outfitter, maybe you have that client that needs to
continue to use his laptop to finish an important project.  Or perhaps you want to keep
cell phones or GPS units charged up during your extended hunt.  You can do just that
with small easy to carry and affordable solar power units.  Having the convenience of a
small amount of electrical power is more the norm than the exception in the modern
base camp.
Live to hunt!